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What we can't transfer doesn't exist


We are collectors of film and television and will lovingly restore and transfer your treasured and priceless video memories onto any media you require. 

We can collect tapes which are local to us and drop them back to you and we have a very quick turnaround.  Please check out our customer feedback throughout this site.

"Recently, I found some old VHS tapes in a box in the loft.  I couldn't play them as my VCR had packed up years ago.  So, I got in touch with David and he has done a magnificent job in transferring the contents onto DVD.  It is great because the whole family can now relive memorable moments from family holidays and parties from twenty plus years ago, which would otherwise have been consigned to history via the dustbin.

David's service is quite remarkable.  I saw his ad. on the Friday, he picked up the tapes on the Sunday and I was able to view the new DVDs, which he brought round, on the Tuesday.

I have no hesitation in recommending David's service to you.  You will enjoy reliving those important moments from yesteryear

Also, if you like concept albums, why not purchase a copy of his "Decades" CD?  I did and it is great with a highly individual format and wonderful music from an excellent singer/songwriter."

- D. Robinson (East Sussex)